Exclusive Preview of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #14

Clark’s adventures in the 31st Century continue in the sizzling second part of the ‘Argo’ story arc!

Clark struggles to strike a delicate balance that will keep the peace between EarthGov, the Legion, and New Krypton. Revelations abound as Supergirl reveals the true nature of her captivity to Clark and the wartime motivations of New Krypton come into focus. Meanwhile, Booster Gold finds himself without powers and comes to terms with what it truly means to be a hero.


As the ramifications of the War of the Green Lanterns still linger, each member of the Corps is struggling to come to terms with their present situation on OA. When planet Evarass 12 is in crisis will the Corps follow the oath they made and join together in the end? Written by Scott Kolins, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #63 (on sale today) is told in four unique chapters with art by Joe Prado, Scott Kolins, Freddie Williams II, and Daniel HDR.


During the War of the Green Lanterns, a former cop from Calados was tapped as a Green Lantern. In GREEN LANTERN CORPS #61 (on sale today) this new rookie looks to John Stewart as she attempts to resolve a dispute in her sector. Pick up GREEN LANTERN CORPS #61 by Tony Bedard and artists Daniel HDR and Keith Champagne today! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]
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