What a week, huh? From BRIGHTEST DAY to a new LEGION ongoing series, we’ve rolled out a truckload of news to keep fans chatting for at least the next hour or so. But there’s more. Seriously. History was made in the DCU a few years back with the launch of 52, a weekly, year-long series filling in the gap of time between INFINITE CRISIS and ONE YEAR LATER. Since then, the weekly series has been a staple for the DCU. So what could we possibly do to keep the things fresh and exciting?

DCU IN 2010: A look inside JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE AND FALL and beyond

Well, maybe not inside. More like the cover. But we have four -- and they merge together to form a striking image. As you probably recall, the one-shot was first announced last month in this very space. This four-piece images makes up the covers to the JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISE AND FALL one-shot and its three tie-in issues: GREEN ARROW #31, JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE OF ARSENAL #1 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #43.


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