Happy Friday

Believe it or not, here at The Source, we sometimes get a day off that doesn't fall on the weekend. Today is such a day. So, to use a common blogging phrase, "posting will be light" today. Which is not to say we won't have a healthy dose of fun content, though. TRINITY editor Mike Carlin will pop in this later for our regular From The Editors feature and we'll have a sneak peek or two to keep you entertained as you count down the minutes to the weekend. See you Monday!

The Source Week for 4/1

blackestnightaquaad We came, we saw...we blogged? Well, it was an abbreviated week for us, but I'd like to think we came out swinging. Here's a handy recap of what you may have missed or what you may want to click on again.

A few housekeeping things

Well, it's Day Two here at The Source, in case you were wondering about it all being an expertly crafted April Fool's joke. And, I have to say, we're all pretty blown away by the great response and linkage to the launch.
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