DC Sneak Peeks: Bizarro, Dr. Fate, Bat-Mite, Lobo and More!

Can't wait for our new June comics? We don't blame you, which is why we're giving you a sneak peek of each and every one of them in all of this month's Convergence comics and right here on DCComics.com! Below, you can read original, eight-page standalone stories from ten of our eagerly awaited upcoming comics. These aren't excerpts from the June issues—these are original short stories that set up what awaits you next month. Enjoy!



Another Wednesday cover tease: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30

We've got a ton of exciting BRAVE AND THE BOLD stuff rolling your way right here in the next week or so, but it never hurts to throw out a good teaser image to get people keyed up. And here, we have artist Jesus Saiz's lovely cover to BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30, written by J. Michael Straczynski with interiors by Saiz. I just read the first issue myself and was even more excited for what's to come than when I first heard the news. JMS and Saiz are really teaming up to tell some modern classics, and we're just a few days from the launch. Until then, enjoy some Green Lantern and Dr. Fate goodness.
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