Batman calls duende “the fierce lust for life that we feel and express when we know death is near.” In BATMAN INCORPORATED issue 3, the Dark Knight heads to the heart of South America as he attempts to reconnect with Batman Incorporated’s Argentinean representative, Gaucho. The issue goes on sale this Wednesday and has it all: * Grant Morrison's writing. * Art by Yanick Paquette and Michel Lacombe. * Duende. * The timeless question--which kills faster? The bitter kiss of the scorpion or the poison of betrayal?

DCU in 2011: El Gaucho and the Batman of Africa join BATMAN, INCORPORATED.

A new status quo. Those words are thrown around, a lot, in the comic book industry. But that’s exactly what New York Times bestselling writer Grant Morrison and team have created with BATMAN, INC. Bruce Wayne has extended Batman’s mission—and brand—globally. So far, we’ve met England’s Knight & Squire, Mr. Unknown (the Batman of Japan) and El Gaucho from Argentina's Batman. Judging from this advance look at Yanick Paquette’s gorgeous art from an upcoming issue of BATMAN, INCORPORATED, the international action and intrigue are only ramping up in the coming months.
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