There have been signs. In the sun... and the moon... And here in the forest.

When the Phantom Stranger appears with a warning of an end of days, it's always a good idea to pay attention. Tensions mount in GREEN ARROW #9 by J. T. Krul and Diogenes Neves, leading Oliver Queen to a bold and reckless decision. Bold and reckless? Yeah, that sounds like Green Arrow. Here's a look into the immediate future of the mysterious forest and the Emerald Archer, on sale Wednesday. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Open Thread: What's Happening Inside the Forest?

The mystery has been unfolding for months: what, exactly, is happening inside the magical forest at the center of Star City? In GREEN ARROW #8, writer J. T. Krul, penciller Diogenes Neves and inkers Oclair Albert and Vicente Cifuentes bring Lois Lane to Star City to get the scoop. SOURCE readers, what's your take on Star City's forest? What gives it its power? [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Two Covers for Your Viewing Pleasure

What’s Tuesday without some covers to gaze upon? First, Green Arrow faces down a fiery Etrigan in the stunning standard cover for GREEN ARROW #9, by Rodolfo Migliari. Then, Max Lord literally has the members of the reformed Justice League International in the palm of his hand, in this homage to the classic JLA cover in JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #20, by the incomparable Kevin MaGuire. gav2_cv9_r1  


Here are a few variant (and a couple standard) covers to help you through your week. First up, a stunning variant of GREEN ARROW #8 by David Mack. Next, two JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #18 covers, the iconic version by Aaron Lopresti and the variant by Kevin Maguire. Rounding it out are two covers to WONDER WOMAN #606. Don Kramer’s is also part of our iconic cover run, and Alex Garner’s variant is my personal favorite of the bunch. Look at it, just… wow. Do you have a favorite, SOURCE readers? [gallery link="file"]

SHOP TALK: J.T. Krul on writing team books vs. solo series

Whenever I tell anyone that I am a comic book writer, I always get the same response: "That's amazing. How do you do it? How do you draw all those pictures?" That's how I know I'm talking to someone who probably hasn't ever picked up a comic book. You can spot the writers just as easily because they'll quickly go from plot points to the craft of writing comics. One that's come up quite a bit is: How do I approach writing a solo book like Green Arrow, as opposed to a team book like Teen Titans?

What is the “AQUAWAR”?

Before we roll into the full list of BRIGHTEST DAY solicits, we thought this merited a mention. Heck, the name alone gave us pause. “Aquawar”? As BRIGHTEST DAY barrels toward its grand finale, things heat up for one of the main protagonists and his supporting cast — it’s too early to get into details, but how about a look at the cover to February’s BRIGHTEST DAY #19 and the other key BRIGHTEST DAY titles and a few more clues below?


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