Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #14

Aqualad has returned to Atlantis. Except this time around, he’s brought his friends and Young Justice team members, Superboy and Miss Martian, with him. What the three of them discover, however, is less than a warm homecoming. When a new villain threatens to disrupt the tranquility of Atlantean life, the young trio will need to figure out how to save the underwater kingdom. And fast.


Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #13

In the last issue of YOUNG JUSTICE, we learned the origins of Clayface and watched him transform from man into monster. Issue #13 picks up right where its predecessor left off: right as Clayface takes on the Young Justice team. But with Artemis in prison and Aqualad questioning his leadership capabilities, will the team be able to defeat the monster attacking them? And when Clayface reveals his new and terrifying powers, who will the members of Young Justice rely on for help?

Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #12

When a monstrous new villain appears in Gotham City, Batman will need to recruit the help of the entire Young Justice team. In YOUNG JUSTICE #12, by Greg Weisman and Luciano Vecchio, witness the birth of Clayface as he transforms from man into monster. But who is this creature and how can he be stopped? And what is his relationship to Batman’s former flame, Talia al Ghul? Find out in YOUNG JUSTICE #12, on sale today. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Exclusive Preview of YOUNG JUSTICE #10

In 1968, an air force officer named Nathaniel Adams was convicted of the murder of General Lamar and died in prison. Now, with the case re-opened, it’ll be up to the Young Justice team to discover the truth behind Lamar’s murder and to clear Adams’ legacy. The only catch is that the real killer is targeting anyone involved in the case that might reveal what really happened … including the entire Young Justice team!


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