Batman and Hawkman’s Showdown in Space

When Batman and Hawkman outsmart the shape-shifting criminal Byth, they think their battle has already been won. But when the duo travels through space to lock Byth up on the planet Thanagar, their spaceship falls under attack by Byth’s associates. Can Batman and Hawkman prevent the war raging outside of their ship while simultaneously preventing the war inside with Byth?

The Birth of Slipstream

With the introduction of Slipstream, a new super-speedster enemy, the war against Batgirl is only just getting started. Has the newly appointed representative of Batman Incorporated finally met her match? BATGIRL #19, the next chapter in writer Bryan Q. Miller’s critically acclaimed Batgirl series, features interior art by Ramon Bachs and Guy Major with a cover by Dustin Nguyen and hits stores tomorrow. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]
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