It’s day 2 here at NYCC, and it’s not a convention without a DC UNIVERSE panel. Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler will be our MC today in room 1A08-12 as he and your favorite DCU creators talk shop, characters and tease what’s coming up for the line. Can’t make it? Scroll below for a look at the art we’re teasing. It’s like we’ve brought the con to your own computer. [gallery link="file"]

SDCC 2010 – in photos

And you thought we were done with SDCC 2010 posts! Well, far from it. While at the show, we managed to snag a number of pictures – of fans, creators and other assorted highlights from the show. So, scroll below for a visual recap of the event, courtesy of my cellphone camera and others. Click below to begin. imag0023

Your weekend plans are set: HEROESCON

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well look no longer because the 2010 DC Nation tour pulls into Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Convention from June 4th - 6th at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Ian Sattler checks in from J.G. Jones’ art signing in Philly

We’ve got some live news this afternoon, as Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler phones in from Philadelphia, where he’s attending a signing by superstar artist J.G. Jones. What’s the good word, Ian? "I stopped off in Philly to talk with JG Jones about his next top secret project for DC and got to roll to his signing/art show at the super rad new location of Atomic City Comics. If you're in the area make sure to come by and see us." Oh, and he sends photos. Nice way to end the week. See you all Monday! [gallery link="file"]

Some more info on DCU: LEGACIES

Been a great show so far, eh? For those reading along from home, our very own Ian Sattler promised on the DC Editorial panel at WonderCon today that we'd be talking about some major creators contributing to upcoming issues of DCU: LEGACIES, the era-spanning series touching on the various heroes and villains of the DC Universe. Well, how about these names? J.H. Williams III. Dave Gibbons. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Rags Morales. Dan Jurgens. Not too shabby, huh?

A Friday hint from Sattler

Happy Friday DC Nation! I hope that you're weekend is shaping up to be a good one. I know I'm excited to spend the entirety of Saturday and Sunday watching football with my dog and playing hockey on the PS3. You loyal readers of The Source will notice that I haven't been home for the weekend in a while so I have a lot of being lazy to get caught up on.

DC NATION on the road with Sattler part 4

Hello from...well I'm actually not sure where I am right now. Somewhere deep in the Valley in LA at a coffee shop. I've driven so much in the last 24 hours that I can't believe that it's all been in only one state. Everything is crusing along though and it's great to hear how into the DCU everybody is right now. That includes the person I'm sitting with as I type this. They are a writer that has never done anything for the DCU, but that is gonna change in 2010. Wanna try and guess? Well here is a hint: This is a picture of their iced tea. Pretty amazing hint, huh?


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