Return to the work week with some John Cassaday artwork

Not long ago, we unveiled artist John Cassaday’s lovely reinterpretation of SUPERMAN #1, as part of our DC 75th anniversary celebration. Earlier still, we confirmed that John was going to be the regular cover artist on SUPERMAN, accompanying the work of writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows. So, that implies we’ll have more SUPERMAN Cassaday artwork, right? Correct. Here’s his cover to #702, the second part of JMS’ “Grounded” story. Perfect image to follow Memorial Day weekend, don’t you think?

It's the Legion plus Doom Patrol in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34

J. Michael Straczynski and artist Jesus Saiz continue to roll as they present the first part of a two-part story that finds the Legion of Super-Heroes going back in time to find new recruits. Not the first time for the 31st century heroes, but it’s bound to be a little different when the Doom Patrol is involved. What happens when two unlikely teams are forced to unite? Find out part of the answer below. THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34 hits today. [gallery link="file"]

JMS brings together Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Batgirl in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33

Eisner-nominee and incoming WONDER WOMAN writer J. Michael Straczynski pairs with GREENDALE artist Cliff Chiang for a special one-off story featuring the Amazon Princess and Zatanna, as the duo enjoy a nice, peaceful evening on the town that surely won't be interrupted by any kind of superheroic hijinks... BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

John Cassaday steps in as regular cover artist for SUPERMAN

Let's go over our SUPERMAN checklist, shall we? Great writer? J. Michael Straczynski. Check. Great artist? Eddy Barrows. Check. Great cover artist? John Cassaday. Check. Wait, what? Yep -- you read that correctly. Starting with SUPERMAN #701, the artist behind the masterful PLANETARY and many more amazing projects will be lending his eye to detail and dynamic design work to SUPERMAN's covers. Neat, huh? But we wouldn't just announce something this big without an image, so here's a first look at John's #701 cover. Enjoy.

The Eisner Awards honor the DC Universe

The Eisner Awards, considered by many to be "The Oscars" of comic book industry awards, unveiled their nominees for the 2010 ceremony today, honoring a number of key DCU titles and creators. The winners will be named at the San Diego Comic-Con International, the largest and oldest comic convention in the United States. Let's check out the DCU nominees, shall we? SINGLE ISSUE:


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