DC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Malicious (and Delicious) Mash-Up

This is it, Legends fans. It's all come down to this. All six totems, Mallus—wait, I mean Malice—free from his prison, the crew caught in an impossible gambit, old friends returning, a giant mystically powered plush doll named Beebo storming in to save the world… You know, the usual.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Ghost Ship

We're closing in on the home stretch of this season, Legends fans! Only three more episodes from here and things certainly aren't showing any sign of slowing down.

If you thought the death totem was a wild ride last week, well…I hope you were prepared for this one. I certainly wasn't—I used most of my necromancy jokes last week. (I don't actually have very many good necromancy jokes. Feel free to leave yours below in the comments. I am TOTALLY willing to surrender the spotlight on this one.)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: How to Win Friends and Exorcise Demons

Welcome back, Legends! It's been a pretty long hiatus, but I hope you don't need too thorough a refresher as we jump back into things because in true Legends of Tomorrow fashion, we're hitting the ground running with the tenth episode of this season.

And hey, John Constantine's here to welcome us back!

...Which is to say, uh, to perform some exorcisms. Technicalities.


John Constantine to take over Swamp Thing’s psyche?

On his journey to find Swamp Thing, John Constantine discovers the motive behind the plant elemental’s new brutal and savage behavior: With Alec Holland’s resurrection (in the pages of BRIGHTEST DAY), Swamp Thing finds itself without a human consciousness, and The Green within becomes an uncontrollable force of evil. But as John continues to search for Swamp Thing to get the answers he needs, he realizes that his prey has taken on the role of the predator and is seeking him out as well. Why?

Jonathan Vankin hints at what’s to come in BRIGHTEST DAY AFTERMATH: THE SEARCH FOR SWAMP THING

Last week, BRIGHTEST DAY AFTERMATH: THE SEARCH FOR SWAMP THING #1 hit stores. The premiere issue of this 3-part miniseries teamed John Constantine up with some of the biggest superheroes in the DC Universe in the search for the plant elemental known as Swamp Thing.


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