JSA ALL STARS reveals more on King Chimera’s past

Learn more about the mysterious past of King Chimera as he revisits a death he feels responsible for while in the hospital room of his fallen teammate! Then, Power Girl alone takes on the reborn gods of Parador, which may be the last thing she ever does. Slightly ominous, eh? Matthew Sturges and Freddie E. Williams II present JSA ALL STARS #10, which hits 9/1. [gallery link="file"]


Writer Matthew Sturges and artist Freddie Williams II present a tale of the Injustice Society, as the villains find the All-Stars new headquarters. But Cyclone, of all people, has found a way to turn their own allies against them. Meanwhile, Stargirl shares a moment with a teammate -- which might not be the wisest decision. JSA ALL STARS #5 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

Heading back!

Just woke up and yeesh, it's early here on the west coast. Just so you guys know, I'll be up in the air with a few of my DC colleagues heading back to NY. But don't fret. We've got a preview of the next issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN coming first thing tomorrow, though. See you then.

'Constellations' continues in JSA ALL STARS #3

Writer Matthew Sturges and artist Freddie E. Williams II lift the curtain on this issue, as the All-Stars are on the trail of the villains who've kidnapped one of their own while internal turmoil creates drama in the ranks. And after what went down in the JSA ANNUAL this month, can Magog have much time left on the team? JSA ALL STARS #3 hits 2/10. [gallery link="file"]

What's going on with the JSA in March?

Well, we gave you a little tease last week -- with some help from Matthew Sturges --about JSA ALL STARS #4 (which we've kindly included below), but what of the other titles tied to the team? I'm staying tight-lipped, but these cover images should help give you an idea to what's coming up. [gallery link="file"]


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