Arrow: Enough Talk, Time for Action

In terms of second-to-last episodes of a season, tonight was solid. It certainly set up what I assume will be an explosive (pun intended) finale next week.

To get right into it, the episode starts off nicely by setting up this idea of total peace amongst the varying main characters of Arrow. We see Ollie cooking with William and Felicity. Rene enjoys a hockey game with his daughter. Curtis spends time with his boyfriend and Dinah is in her element—pressing one of Diaz’s goons in an alley.

All seems well and right in their worlds, until it isn’t…

Meet Tom Strong, Science Hero

Even if you're not really a comics history buff, there's a pretty good chance you know the name Alan Moore, and an even better chance that his name probably calls to mind some very specific images.

New Age of DC Heroes: Meet the Terrifics

The New Age of DC Heroes is marching ever forward with Ivan Reis and Jeff Lemire’s THE TERRIFICS #1, hitting shelves this week. This one is a doozy—not just because it's the first team book in the line so far, but because this one picks up in the wake of DARK NIGHTS: METAL in a totally new, totally wild way.

Arrow: When Friends Fight

Hey, we’re back! Arrow took a little break while we all watched our countries attempt to win gold, but it’s time to return to Star City and to its superhero mayor.

It’s been a little while and I might jump all over a bit after tonight’s episode, but we’ve waited long enough. Let’s get to it…

Arrow: The Award Goes To...

I’d like to quote the incredible Larry David to describe tonight’s episode. It was, “pretty, pretty, pretty good…”

I think much of the reason it was a good episode is because we finally got closure on some things and we’re now ramping up to move in a new, fresh direction.

Since it’s award season, I thought it would be fun to mix things up and do a little award ceremony of our own for tonight’s episode. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

Arrow: Busted Mission, New Threat

I was pleasantly surprised with tonight’s episode. The pacing was good and the content of the episode was important to the overall theme of this season.

I mean, what can you really say about this season’s Quentin and Laurel storyline that hasn’t already been said? It’s odd and played out. Now, if we were seeing hints or clues that maybe there were two Laurels—one good and one bad—or something like that, I think I’d be more inclined to care. I just didn’t get the angle of her following him. Is it the good Laurel and she’s trying to figure things out?

Arrow: We Can't Quit You

Tonight was an interesting episode with a couple things I want to jump into, but before I do, I think something needs to be addressed first…

The award for the WORST bus driver possibly ever goes to the guy in tonight’s episode. I mean, you just get out of the bus in a traffic jam and tell the kids to stay in their seats while you go check out what’s going on? No way that dude is ever working for the Star City Public School District again. Ha!


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