Smallville is visited by The Phantom Stranger in SUPERBOY #8

The mystery of the Hollow Men has been on Superboy's mind ever since the first issue of Jeff Lemire's SUPERBOY. The Phantom Stranger knows the secrets behind this Smallville legend, and Superboy wants that knowledge – but at what price does the Stranger hold it? "Rise of the Hollow Men" begins in Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo's SUPERBOY #8, on sale next week! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

The Superboy / Kid Flash Race is on!

Superboy can't seem to shake the feeling that something's amiss in Smallville, and whether he may be the cause of it. Is it just teen angst, or is something deeper really going on? Conner's got to stay focused though, if he hopes to beat Kid Flash in a race around the world. Who will win? Find out in SUPERBOY #5, on sale March 9! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

From the Editor’s Desk: Wil Moss on Superboy developments and the Superman 80-Page Giant

Hello, DC Nation! Wil Moss here, associate editor on the SUPERMAN line of books. How’ve you been? Have you lost weight? Well, you look great. So before you head to the comic store this week, I want to draw your attention to two fine offerings from the Man of Steel’s corner of the DCU that hit the shelves Wednesday!

Who is the Prime-Hunter, and how can Superboy help stop him?

Psionic Lad visits Superboy from the Smallville of 2216 - a Smallville that's been turned into a "towering, festering acropolis; a rogue, immoral city-state" that's at war with the rest of the world. This future is the fault of a tyrant known as the Prime-Hunter, and Psionic Lad needs Superboy's help to find a way of fighting back. Find out if Superboy is up to the task in Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo's SUPERBOY #4, on sale February 2nd.

DCU in 2011: Superboy and Supergirl are going to have their hands full...

...with a lot more Doomsday than they bargained for. As announced earlier this week, the Reign of Doomsday story will continue through SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #5, as Supergirl must team up with Batman to try to stop Doomsday and Cyborg Superman from tearing them apart. The issue will hit in early April, written by James Robinson with art by Miguel Sepulveda.

What's happening to Smallville High?

Below are four pages of Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo's SUPERBOY #3. What's happening to the students of Smallville High? I'm not telling. Better yet, I'm presenting these pages word-free, and even though removing Jeff Lemire's text feels extremely sacrilegious, I have a feeling any lack of explanation as to what's making all of the students collapse will make you guys boil a bit more. You have to think, though -- if it's bad enough to drop Superboy, it's gotta be something pretty crazy.

From Gotham to Smallville

Poison Ivy rarely leaves Gotham City, and yet here she is in Smallville, just as the town's vegetation is out of control. Think she might be in town to actually help Superboy get to the bottom of this mystery? Yeah, color me skeptical, too. Issue 2 of SUPERBOY lands on Wednesday. [gallery link="file"]


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