DC Comics-The New 52 Art Tour ACTION COMICS artist Rags Morales at Fat Jack's Comicrypt

As part of the DC Comics-The New 52 Art Tour, ACTION COMICS artist Rags Morales and inker Rick Bryant head to Fat Jack's Comicrypt tomorrow in Philadelphia. This event will feature process pieces from ACTION COMICS #1, WONDER WOMAN #1 and SWAMP THING #1 and they will be signing copies of ACTION COMICS #1 and #2. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by to meet them!

Saturday, October 8

The New Adventures of the Man of Steel Continue

Over the course of last week, we provided you with a first look at the solicits for the October titles in DC Comics-The New 52. In case you missed it, earlier today THE NEW YORK POST exclusively revealed the cover to ACTION COMICS #1. Below, check out the solicits for the second issues in the Superman group books in DC Comics-The New 52:
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