Supergirl: The Son Becomes the Father...

If you thought last week delivered a super-punch to your emotions, get ready for an uppercut. This week's episode, titled "In Search of Lost Time," picks up right where we left off last time to resolve two big plot threads: J'onn coming to terms with M'yrnn's deteriorating mind and Lena dealing with Sam's true nature.

Mental Battles: Carl Lumbly Faces a Real-World Problem on Supergirl

While battling villains with super strength, shape-shifting ability or an affinity for lethal toys is no walk in the park, the toughest fights are always with those we love. Whether it’s with a family member or a friend, the people we trust and care for always do the most damage when they’re angry. But equally as hard is what we do to them. Things we may say in the heat of the moment, or things we must do that are unpleasant, but necessary, may haunt us for days, weeks and even years afterwards. Even the strongest superpowers are no help with overcoming it.

Supergirl: Who Was Lost is Now Found

Hey there, Couch Clubbers! It’s been a while, but Supergirl is finally back, which means I’m back as well! And what a return episode! There’s so much to unpack here, so let’s just get right into it.

If you were thinking, "Wow, I haven't seen much of Winn lately. When is he going to get the spotlight?" Well, then this episode is for you! "Schott Through the Heart" (which is a FANTASTIC episode name—a girl loves her puns) delivers both big action and big feelings, anchored by a fantastic performance by Jeremy Jordan.

Supergirl: 2 Worldkillers, 2 Furious

Having identified one of the remaining Worldkillers, the DEO mounts up to get her before anything bad happens in this week’s Supergirl. That...kinda backfired.

There were a lot of plates spinning in this episode. There's the awakening of Wordkiller Purity, Alex being more aggressive than usual, Ruby getting abandoned at an ice rink, Sam having a blackout in front of Lena, marital issues between Imra and Mon-El, and a bombshell pre-reveal being dropped at the end. Whew! Let's try to break this down, shall we?

Supergirl: Everyone on Edge

Explorations of friendship is one of the things Supergirl excels at for me. In this episode, we're looking at how people come together in response to personal crisis.

At the end of last week's episode, Sam's concern about her blackouts finally drove her to confide in Alex who pledged to help her get to the bottom of things. We haven't seen Sam and Alex spend much time alone together and it was good to see them not just interact, but connect and navigate a difficult situation together.

Supergirl: Redemptions and Realizations

A lot happened on this week's Supergirl. Like, a lot. Join me as I try to wrangle the spinning wheels of my mind, won't you?

In order to learn more about Reign, and perhaps discover a way to defeat (or save) her, Supergirl must travel to Fort Rozz. Yes, that Fort Rozz. And, since there are still a bunch of prisoners there with beef towards the House of Zor-El and she'll be powerless with no yellow sun nearby, Kara makes some unconventional choices to complete her away team.

Supergirl: Enter the Legion

After a tense midseason finale and weeks of wondering, Supergirl picks up where it left off and answers most of the big questions gnawing at us like your dog on leftover turkey.

Happy New Year, friends! I'm Tamara, a fan and live-tweeter since the premiere, and I'm excited to continue discussing this season with you all for #DCTV Couch Club. So let's get started!

Ten Moments that Mattered: #DCTV's Crisis on Earth-X

Has it been a year already? 2017 has reached its end, but before we dive into 2018, we’d like to take a moment and look back. For DC fans, 2017 was a remarkable year in comics, film and TV. Our characters reached new milestones and audiences, our writers and artists achieved remarkable new heights and our universe continued to grow in surprising new ways. And yet, within it all, several moments stood out for their importance and relevance. Some of them were groundbreaking, others were a welcome return. All of them are worthy of acknowledgement and celebration.


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