Black Lightning: The Tangled Webs We Weave

Freeland fans! Welcome to another exciting review of the most electrifying show in comic book history, BLACK LIGHTNING! This week’s episode hit us with new super suits, crooked cops, factory explosions, and the best kind of movie night with the Pierces. We’ve made it all the way out here to episode 9, and somehow, someway it STILL feels we’re only warming up! As usual, I’ll do what I can to avoid telling you everything about the latest happenings in Freeland, but beware...there will definitely be spoilers ahead.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Ghost Ship

We're closing in on the home stretch of this season, Legends fans! Only three more episodes from here and things certainly aren't showing any sign of slowing down.

If you thought the death totem was a wild ride last week, well…I hope you were prepared for this one. I certainly wasn't—I used most of my necromancy jokes last week. (I don't actually have very many good necromancy jokes. Feel free to leave yours below in the comments. I am TOTALLY willing to surrender the spotlight on this one.)

Black Lightning: All in the Family

Salutations, Freeland fanatics, and welcome back to another electrifying breakdown of Black Lightning! This week’s episode was quite the family affair, with a wide array of edge-of-your seat action that included (but was not limited to) clandestine secrets, government experiments, civil rights countermeasures, daddy-daughter time, and more. Now, as usual, I’ll try my best not to spill everything everywhere, but you have been warned... there are spoilers ahead.

The Flash: A Run to Remember

Hey, Couch Clubbers! I’ve been writing this column through two seasons of The Flash for almost three years and I have so thoroughly enjoyed diving deep on a lot of the weird, lesser known characters. When approaching what to write about for “Run, Iris, Run,” I went back and looked at the archives and was shocked (and a little disappointed in myself), to learn that I haven’t full-on written about Iris West-Allen yet. She’s been featured in many of these #DCTV Couch Club pieces, but never celebrated on her own. So, here we are!

Fast as You: Iris West Becomes Central City's Newest Speedster

It’s not uncommon for someone to want to step in their husband or wife’s shoes for a day. But we imagine that desire is pretty irresistible when you’re married to a superhero.

In tonight’s episode of The Flash, “Run, Iris, Run,” Iris West unexpectedly finds herself with the Flash’s powers after a run-in with a new bus meta. Barry, on the other hand, winds up completely powerless, leading to him taking on Iris’s role on the team while she suits up and hits the streets.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Walking in Memphis

Welcome back, Legends fans! Hopefully you're not all shook up from meeting Elvis this week, or, you know, too unsettled by the music of a haunted guitar capable of summoning the dead. Actually, you know what? Maybe we'd be better off not searching our feelings regarding meeting the king of rock 'n' roll this time around. The circumstances really weren't ideal.

Arrow: Enter the Dragon

Arrow continued its streak of pretty solid episodes this week by wasting no time and jumping head first into the Diaz story arc.

The Good

First off, seeing Diaz and the new recruit sparring totally reminded me of Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth open the random door to show a bunch of guys training and Wayne says, “I just always wanted to open a door to a room where people are being trained like in James Bond movies.” HA!

Black Lightning: Do You Believe in the Resurrection?

Welcome back, Freeland lovers! And welcome to another electrifying wrap-up of Black Lightning! This week’s episode didn’t go quite the way you may have thought it would, ESPECIALLY after we watched Black Lightning beat the BRAKES OFF OF (they who shall not be named this early in the review) in last week’s epic finale! But I digress (for now). This is a Black Lightning review, so I should probably start talking about the latest in Freeland, right? As usual, I’ll try my best not to spill everything, but beware…there are spoilers ahead.

Black Lightning Sees Thunder on the Horizon

Among all the things that sets it apart, one reason for Black Lightning’s success is its refusal to play by the rules. Most superhero pilots include the hero’s origin. Not Black Lightning. We’re six episodes in and still haven’t gotten it. Comic book shows, particularly on The CW, usually feature younger heroes. Jefferson Pierce, on the other hand, is pushing middle age with one daughter in high school and another who’s a med student. Superhero shows feature plenty of super-powered fights. Again, not Black Lighting.


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