Batman Day: Batman Goes 8-Bit!

Here at, we’re unabashedly old school when it comes to our gaming. Many of us are old enough to remember when game controllers had a whole four buttons (not counting the gamepad) and were shaped like small bricks. In fact, the only thing that may be cooler than classic videogames is Batman. And seeing how Batman Day is just about a week away now…well, there seemed like no better time to bring a little 8-Bit creativity to the world of the Dark Knight.

Caption This!: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: A Call to Arms

Welcome, Bat-fans, to Caption This!, DC Collectibles’ monthly game of captionary cleverness where we give you a fun photo and ask you to compose the perfect caption for it. As many would-be captioners have discovered, it’s not always easy to nail that perfect combination of inside knowledge and humor that all great captions have in common. But don’t take our word for it. Try it out yourself!

Caption This!: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Action Figure

Just like a certain Dark Knight, Caption This has returned! We’ve emerged from our month-long “retirement” and are back with a great new photo. Will you rise to the challenge with an equally inspired caption for it? Does the Batmobile fire rubber bullets? (No, seriously. Does it? We’ve never been able to tell if Batman was being serious there…)


Keeping the parks of Gotham free of crime and corruption is a big part of Batman’s nightly duty. But in the day, he prefers another activity. Looks like the bat signal isn’t the only thing you’ll be spotting in the skies of Gotham…

Voicing The Dark Knight Returns

We know fans of Batman, Frank Miller and comic books in general (in other words, pretty much everyone on this site) are all very curious about the upcoming two-part animated adaptation of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, the seminal graphic novel that dramatically reinterpreted the characters and world of Batman and Robin while helping to spark an industry-wide shift to more sophisticated, darker comic book storytelling.




The King is dead! Long live the King!

Let me shed some more light on what was just announced at WonderCon today: ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER -- the landmark hit series from the superstar team of writer Frank Miller and artist Jim Lee -- has ceased publication.


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