Dan Jurgens returns to BOOSTER GOLD (and kicks off a Flashpoint prelude story!)

Writer/artist Dan Jurgens will return to the character he made a fan-favorite in BOOSTER GOLD #44, which'll serve as a lead-in to the much-anticipated Flashpoint event. See Rip Hunter's blackboard at the end of TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT #6? Then you know Booster's got his work cut out for him! Check out the cover to Jurgens' first issue below, chock full of Flashpoint clues.

This Just Happened: One Way or Another, These Things Come to Pass

WARNING: if you hate spoilers, stop reading now. Remember the scribblings on the blackboard in 52? Well, they're back and in a major way in the final pages of TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT issue 6, on sale today. How important might these mysterious scribblings be? They lead into the pages of BOOSTER GOLD issue 44... And a comic book we call FLASHPOINT issue 1. A look at the Blackboard is after the jump. This is your last chance to look away.

End your day with a look at some upcoming variant covers

The headline says it all, folks. We’ve got a first look at covers for BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #4 by Cameron Stewart, TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT #1 by Chris Sprouse, BRIGHTEST DAY #6 by David Finch and ZATANNA #3 by Brian Bolland. What better way to close out Tuesday than by clicking on some lovely cover art? See you tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]
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