LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1 is Gotham-noir at its best. In “Without Sin”, a flip of a coin and a trip to the confessional leads Harvey Dent to become the prime suspect in a grisly murder. The disfigured body of a priest dumped at a Gotham City demolition site has all the markings of Two-Face, but Dent knows his dark side better than anyone. And Dent isn’t afraid to kill just to defend his innocence. Always the detective, Batman digs deep into city corruption, anonymous donors, and the cryptic clues that the church refuses to help him decipher.

Exclusive Preview of NIGHT FORCE #6

The threads are beginning to tie together as Sela’s master plan is finally revealed in the penultimate issue of NIGHT FORCE. What is the connection between Kassandra and Sela and how does it relate to Kassandra’s origin? Stuck in 1648, what is Winters planning and how will it impact the present? NIGHT FORCE #6, written by Marv Wolfman and Tom Mandrake, sets the stage for the dramatic conclusion of this 7-part miniseries.

Exclusive Preview of NIGHT FORCE #5

Trapped in the past, Baron Winters’ Night Force agents are forced to fight alone. Meanwhile, Duffy discovers his father helped put an innocent man in the electric chair, Zoe is captured by a Gatherer, and an elaborate and deadly ritual is performed on a Presidential candidate! How will Winters escape from the past and save his Night Force before it’s too late?

Exclusive Preview of NIGHT FORCE #4

Chapter four of NIGHT FORCE is a huge turning point for the 7-part horror miniseries!


What trap awaits The Baron when he travels back in time looking for answers from Kassandra? More clues surface concerning the mysterious death of James Duffy’s father and the final fate of Donovan Caine is revealed!


Exclusive Preview of NIGHT FORCE #3

At Wintersgate Manor, nothing is as it seems.


In issue #3 of the dark and twisted 7-part miniseries, NIGHT FORCE, a centuries-spanning conspiracy comes to light. But how do Zoe’s unborn child and a United States Senator factor into this web of deception? And why is an army of mysterious supernatural forces bonding together to create a super race?



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