DC All Access: The Flash vs. Supergirl

It’s a battle of Speed Force versus brute force in this week’s supersonic “Versus Live!” segment. Special guests Nichole Evans and Josh Evans drop by to debate which hero would win in a fast-as-light-fight between the Flash or Supergirl, but only you can provide us with an answer. Will the Scarlet Speedster prove too fast for the Girl of Steel? Or will Supergirl bring the heat (vision) and send the Flash running? Watch the segment, then cast your vote in the poll below!

Don’t forget to watch till the end for the results of last week’s battle between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!

Titans: Omen Earns her Name

TITANS VOL. 3: A JUDAS AMONG US begins with Lilith Clay at the forefront of the action. To this point she’s been an important, if supporting, character, but it is nice to see her really getting the opportunity to come into her own in the DC Universe. My hat’s off to writer Dan Abnett for launching this arc with Omen.

Relationship Roundup: Barry Allen and Wally West

There's a war brewing in the DC Universe, but it's not going to be fought by armies or soldiers. As Barry Allen closes out the home stretch of his costly confrontation with Gorilla Grodd, there's another fight looming just beyond the horizon…and it's one that could be even more devastating than the rampage of a giant telepathic gorilla despot. “Flash War” is coming and, like you might gather from the name, it's an event that may just tear the Flash Family apart.

The Flash: Folding the Flash

Season 4 of The Flash has definitely been the season of bus metas! Since we returned from the brief break in the season, I have found it deeply satisfying to finish counting down and meeting these staple Flash and DC Comics characters.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Malicious (and Delicious) Mash-Up

This is it, Legends fans. It's all come down to this. All six totems, Mallus—wait, I mean Malice—free from his prison, the crew caught in an impossible gambit, old friends returning, a giant mystically powered plush doll named Beebo storming in to save the world… You know, the usual.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Walking in Memphis

Welcome back, Legends fans! Hopefully you're not all shook up from meeting Elvis this week, or, you know, too unsettled by the music of a haunted guitar capable of summoning the dead. Actually, you know what? Maybe we'd be better off not searching our feelings regarding meeting the king of rock 'n' roll this time around. The circumstances really weren't ideal.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Call it, Friendo

Welcome back, Legends fans, from this, arguably our most dad-joke heavy episode to date. And what an episode it was.

First, before we go any further, I have to say that Season 3's overarching commitment to finding ways to put Neal McDonough in the world's most hilarious wigs whenever physically possible is shaping up to be my favorite thing about this entire run. Please, let's continue this trend.


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