Deck the Halls (and Hit the Deck) with the DC Nuclear Winter Special

Ah, the holidays are here. Kids are running in excitement. Colorful lights are in the air. The world has become a mosaic of candy canes, eggnog, Santa Claus and his reindeer, holiday carols, gifts, mushroom clouds, menorahs—

Wait a minute…mushroom clouds? And those kids, are they running in excitement…or something else? Also, about those lights in the air... Is it just me, or are they getting closer?

The Death of Superman Makes the Man of Steel's Sacrifice Matter

Out of the deepest darkest crevices of outer space, an impending Doomsday has mysteriously crash landed onto Earth, making its way straight toward Metropolis. This alien creature is leaving absolutely nothing but death and destruction in its path, but there’s no need to worry guys, Superman can handle it…right?

The Death of Superman - "Code Names" (Exclusive)

Superman and Wonder Woman banter about what they'd like to be called while making quick work of Cheetah in this exclusive clip from The Death of Superman.

Buy Now:

The Death of Superman, the latest entry in the popular, ongoing series of animated DC Universe Original Movies, is now available on Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD.

Bringing Wonder to Magic: James Tynion IV Talks Justice League Dark

For most of us, the only frightening things we’re likely to find in the basement are our father’s fluorescent parachute pants and maybe a mouse or squirrel who has met an untimely demise. We’re not likely to find any dragon skeletons, human-bat hybrids, or nightmarishly mutated cadavers.

Then again, none of us live in the Hall of Justice.

First Look: DC's Biggest Baddie is a Small-Town Girl?

Summer is for everyone, whether you’re a student who’s just finished their semester finals, an office worker looking to cash in some vacation time, a baseball fan excited for the return of America’s Pastime…or a ruthless super-villain trying to beat the heat AND the Justice League.

Chris Uminga Welcomes Us to DC Artists Alley

In a matter of days, thousands of eager comic book fans will make their way through San Diego Comic-Con’s famous Artists Alley, the section of the show floor devoted to professional comic book artists and illustrators. If you’ve been there or to the Artists Alley at one of the hundreds of comic conventions worldwide, you know what it’s like—dozens of the industry’s most gifted and diverse artists selling art, prints, comics and merchandise. It’s where you’re likely to discover some of the most unique art at the con.

Leaving Themyscira: James Robinson Says Goodbye to Wonder Woman

Just ask Steve Trevor—it’s hard to say goodbye to Wonder Woman. Yet, after nearly a year behind the wheel on Diana’s ongoing series, writer James Robinson is doing just that, saying farewell to the Amazon warrior with the extra-sized WONDER WOMAN #50.


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