Tallying Up the Facts: An Interview with Gotham's Anthony Carrigan

One of Gotham's villainous standouts has been Victor Zsasz, the relentless and utterly unhinged assassin employed by Carmine Falcone. We got a chance to speak with the actor who plays him, Anthony Carrigan, recently about the show, whether he thinks Zsasz ever cheats on tallying up his victims and how he would feel about going up against the Dark Knight.

Get ready for ARKHAM ASYLUM series 2 from DC DIRECT

You've played the game, but why stop there? Today, we get to unveil the second wave of DC Direct's hyper-detailed ARKHAM ASYLUM figures, based on the bestselling game, which pits the Dark Knight against his deadliest foes -- on the frightening Arkham Island. With the Joker inciting most of the inmates, Batman faces a riot from a cadre of Gotham's most wanted killers and nutcases.
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