The Road to Metal: Barbatos Begins

Chances are, if you've been poking around the DC Universe lately you've probably stumbled across the name Barbatos. He's been a pretty big-ticket item lately (you know, in like...a horrifying sort of way), with a nice big boost in prominence thanks to the epic events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL. But the truth is he's actually far from a newcomer to the DCU.

No Justice: In Which I Suddenly Realize I'm a Huge Fan of Starro

It's week three of four for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, meaning that there is only one issue remaining for the event and before a whole new era of Justice League begins in earnest…and man, you guys. If you thought last week was a rough time for our heroes, this week is…well…

I mean, let's just say Amanda Waller was ready to call in a full-on nuclear strike on the Fortress of Solitude and that should put things in perspective here.

No Justice: A Beginner's Guide to Intergalactic Dendrology

Welcome to week two of four in JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, where things are going from bad to worse on a cosmic scale—though, really, that's probably not that much of a surprise, right? After all, we are living in a post-shattered Source Wall world. I'd venture a guess that things getting a little dicey is probably to be expected.

Deathstroke Endures: The Many Shades of Slade Wilson

There are a lot of villains in the DC Universe and all of them are pretty unique. From your Lex Luthors to your Jokers, your Cheetahs to your Gorilla Grodds, every evil corner of the DC Universe brings something unique to the table.

And then there's Slade Wilson.

DC Comics 101: Who and What are the Blackhawks?

You've probably heard the news by now. Legendary director Steven Spielberg—a name that probably made you say "whoa!"—has his eyes set on the DC Universe with a brand new live action movie all about Blackhawk—a name that may have made you say "...wait, who?"

Yeah, we figured that would be the case for many of you. But don’t worry! We’re here to bring you up to speed on what you need to know about Blackhawk and why the guy has a squadron of pilots named after him.

Reign of the Superboys: The Strange History of the Boy of Steel

Chances are, if you know anything about Superman, you probably know a little something about Superboy, too. The naming convention is pretty easy to follow and Jon Kent, the current Superboy, has been a pretty prominent character in the DC Universe as of late.


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