Preview of SUICIDE SQUAD #27

SUICIDE SQUAD #27 finds Deadshot and the Squad struggling to survive the deadly trap that one of their own sprung on them. It doesn’t matter which Amanda Waller – the real one stuck in the bowels of Belle Reve or the holographic stand-in manipulated by the Thinker – sent them all after O.M.A.C. If the Squad can work together to dig out from underneath the mountain of rubble they’re under, they each now have a singular payback mission: Waller!

Exclusive Preview of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #3

Everyone knows that Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. But is he fast enough to save lives on Earth, stop another planet from exploding, respond to the Justice League to help out in another galaxy, and still make it back in time to Metropolis to walk Lois Lane to work? It’s a lot for one man to juggle. Especially when his secret identity is on the line!

Exclusive Preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5

With Catwoman presumed dead at the hands of the Secret Society, the Justice League of America is bringing the fight right to their doorstep! As a ferocious battle rages in the Secret Society’s headquarters, The Martian Manhunter confronts its mysterious leader in an attempt to uncover his shadowy past and to discover the Society’s sinister motives. But what secrets will be discovered? And how will this impact the looming Trinity War?


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