Exclusive Preview of JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #5

Last month, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #4 continued the gorgeous anthology-style six issue miniseries curated by the legendary Joe Kubert.

In stores on Wednesday, issue #5 features the return of Sgt. Rock brought to you by Paul Levitz and Joe Kubert—in a tale unlike any you’ve read before! In “Farewell,” a father and his son fulfill his father’s dying wish and reminisce about an American Icon.

Chris Batista’s Character Sketches for LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN

Landing in comic book stores today and in bookstores everywhere on Tuesday, LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN collects all six issues of the fan-favorite miniseries by writer Paul Levitz (LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES; WORLDS’ FINEST) and artists Chris Batista (Thunderbolts) and Marc Deering (SUPERGIRL).


In LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN, learn why the United Planets was formed, who tried to kill R.J. Brande the first time, what great power could leave entire planets desolate and lifeless, and more!


Exclusive Preview of LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN #5

Last we saw the Legionnaires, they decided that they needed to recruit the help of Superman to help defeat the evil attacking their homeworlds. In LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN #5, the team finds themselves in the midst of war. And as if that wasn’t enough, they become frozen in both space and time. Will they be able to defeat the alien forces trapping them in time to find out for themselves if the legends about the Man of Steel are true? Or will the Legionnaires be doomed for good?

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