Black Lightning Sees Thunder on the Horizon

Among all the things that sets it apart, one reason for Black Lightning’s success is its refusal to play by the rules. Most superhero pilots include the hero’s origin. Not Black Lightning. We’re six episodes in and still haven’t gotten it. Comic book shows, particularly on The CW, usually feature younger heroes. Jefferson Pierce, on the other hand, is pushing middle age with one daughter in high school and another who’s a med student. Superhero shows feature plenty of super-powered fights. Again, not Black Lighting.

This Just Happened: Wally West Races Into Danger

Yes, we know that it’s been a surprisingly big week in the DC Universe with the release of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #5, the debut of THE SILENCER and the start of the Young Animal crossover “Milk Wars.” But we certainly hope none of that caused you to overlook this week’s THE FLASH ANNUAL #1 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter and Christian Duce…because it got my heart racing faster than Kid Flash’s after a triple espresso from Jitt

Announcing "Metropolis," DC's Newest Live Action TV Series

Have you ever wanted to visit Metropolis? That bustling City of Tomorrow, known to comic book fans worldwide as one of the biggest cities in the DC Universe and home to the high-flying Man of Steel. Well, in 2019, you’ll get the next best thing—a weekly live action TV series set in Metropolis before the arrival of its most famous resident.


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