No Justice: In Which I Suddenly Realize I'm a Huge Fan of Starro

It's week three of four for JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, meaning that there is only one issue remaining for the event and before a whole new era of Justice League begins in earnest…and man, you guys. If you thought last week was a rough time for our heroes, this week is…well…

I mean, let's just say Amanda Waller was ready to call in a full-on nuclear strike on the Fortress of Solitude and that should put things in perspective here.

Arrow: Star City Surrender

Man…I’m not sure what to think about the finale. There were elements I liked and some things that just left me feeling kind of unfulfilled.


Overall, I felt the episode moved well and had a nice pace to it. The big win was not wrapping up Diaz’s storyline tonight. As much as it would have been nice to have taken him out, his character was built up/developed all season, and he has such a long reach, that it would have felt cheap for him to come to an end within 45 minutes.

The Flash: Diggle Drops In

The Flash was the very first current generation #DCTV show to feature a crossover. Barry Allen made his debut appearance on Arrow a year before his own eponymous show launched. In The Flash’s pilot episode, Oliver Queen returned the favor as Stephen Amell made a guest appearance.

Arrow: Enough Talk, Time for Action

In terms of second-to-last episodes of a season, tonight was solid. It certainly set up what I assume will be an explosive (pun intended) finale next week.

To get right into it, the episode starts off nicely by setting up this idea of total peace amongst the varying main characters of Arrow. We see Ollie cooking with William and Felicity. Rene enjoys a hockey game with his daughter. Curtis spends time with his boyfriend and Dinah is in her element—pressing one of Diaz’s goons in an alley.

All seems well and right in their worlds, until it isn’t…

Arrow: Off the Hook

Tonight wrapped up the current predicament that Ollie finds himself in. When you think about it, they could have stretched things out with the trial, but didn’t. Even though we don’t know if it’s actually over, I’m really happy they didn’t drag it out.

Arrow: Scars Last Forever

Many times, the superhero shows and movies we enjoy tend to stick to a similar format: focusing on the good guy and his/her struggles and ultimate triumph over the bad guy. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’ve always been one who believes (and likes to see) the good guy come out on top. But, there’s a part of all of us that likes to know what makes the bad guy tick—I think it’s human nature. In fact, a lot of great creators have often found the villains to be more interesting and complex than their hero counterparts.

Arrow: An Arrow Carol

A really solid episode tonight. Dare I say it was my favorite of the season?

I think so.

There was a lot of cool stuff going on, especially the idea of starting out in the present with Ollie handling Diaz’ crooked cops and then backtracking ten hours to show you what led up to that moment.

Arrow: Boiling Point

Tonight got me. I’ll admit it.

Arrow is a good show in the sense that it makes me think and rethink a number of its themes. There have been a few times I’ve given my thoughts/opinions in a #DCTV Couch Club column, only to look at things from a different light a few episodes later. Not that I always recant my views, but there have been times that I’ve come around to the counter arguments made by other characters regarding certain themes.


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