Arrow: Plenty of Reasons to be Thankful

Before I jump into this week’s column, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to batfanjordanv1. Every week he chimes in on Couch Club’s comments sections to give some insightful breakdowns and interpretations. It’s clear he’s a big fan of these shows and has a deep knowledge of the characters and their storylines—for someone like me, who came in late to Arrow, it’s sometimes a big help.

Nice work, bud!

On to this evening’s episode…

5.2 Reasons We Love Our Fans

Before we say anything else, we want to extend a warm Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers out there! We hope your day is filled with delicious turkey, tofurkey, turducken, deep-fried goodness, cranberry sauce, gooey gravy, mashed potatoes... sensational stuffing... candied yams, pumpkin pie... Sweet Mary Marvel, we're hungry... Uh, what were we talking about?


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