Gorilla Grodd

Through millions of years of adaptation and change, human beings evolved to become the dominant species on the planet Earth. But for the super-villain known as Grodd, the world shouldn't belong to the humans. It belongs to the apes. 

Hailing from the technologically advanced Gorilla City, home to hyper-intelligent primates living in their own secret, secluded society, Grodd stood apart from his fellow simians through his telepathic and telekinetic powers. Believing that his city’s benevolence was keeping the gorillas from achieving what was rightly theirs, Grodd overthrew the leader of Gorilla City and took his place—a first step in his ultimate goal of taking over the rest of the world and establishing apes as the ruling species on the planet. It was the intervention of the Flash that ultimately stopped the villain's scheme, and forever placed the two as bitter rivals.

Grodd has a brutal nature and a level of enhanced strength that make him incredibility dangerous in a physical fight. This is presuming you're even able to get close enough to him to throw a punch as his powerful telepathic abilities give him a distinct advantage over most of his enemies. Along with his strength and aggression, Grodd is also highly intelligent and a master statistician. It is this perfect combination of brain, brawn and savagery that cements Grodd's conviction of his place at the top of the evolutionary scale. And anyone who challenges his claim will find themselves learning the true meaning of survival of the fittest.

The Flash: A Run to Remember

Hey, Couch Clubbers! I’ve been writing this column through two seasons of The Flash for almost three years and I have so thoroughly enjoyed diving deep on a lot of the weird, lesser known characters. When approaching what to write about for “Run, Iris, Run,” I went back and looked at the archives and was shocked (and a little disappointed in myself), to learn that I haven’t full-on written about Iris West-Allen yet. She’s been featured in many of these #DCTV Couch Club pieces, but never celebrated on her own. So, here we are!

Fast as You: Iris West Becomes Central City's Newest Speedster

It’s not uncommon for someone to want to step in their husband or wife’s shoes for a day. But we imagine that desire is pretty irresistible when you’re married to a superhero.

In tonight’s episode of The Flash, “Run, Iris, Run,” Iris West unexpectedly finds herself with the Flash’s powers after a run-in with a new bus meta. Barry, on the other hand, winds up completely powerless, leading to him taking on Iris’s role on the team while she suits up and hits the streets.

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash - "The Speed Force" (Exclusive)

The Flash seeks answers from Dr. Fate on his sudden lack of powers in this exclusive clip from LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash.

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash is now available on Digital HD, and on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD everywhere tomorrow, March 13, 2018. 

The Flash: A Fiddler on The Flash

“Subject 9,” the title of tonight’s episode, tells us exactly what we are dealing with: the latest bus meta! There’s a small handful of them left for the Thinker to collect, and it seems inevitable that we’re going to be meeting them all in the coming weeks. I’ve been really enjoying these bus metas because they’re each (with the exception of maybe Ralph) weird, under the radar Flash villains that were dug out of comic book history.

First Look: Iris West Suits Up!

If you’re going to be a superhero, you’d better look the part.

As the leader of Team Flash, Iris West knows this as well as anyone. She’s stood alongside Barry through numerous suit updates and was there when Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph all suited up for the first time. But Iris has never worn a super suit herself, until now…

But wait! We know what you’re thinking! Iris doesn’t have powers. She isn’t a superhero.

The Flash: A Wolfe in Wolf's Clothing

While this week’s episode title, “True Colors,” might evoke a song that you slow danced to in your youth (okay, maybe that’s just me?), there is so much cool stuff to unpack from it. Even better, almost all of it has to deal with Warden Gregory Wolfe played by the awesome Richard Brooks!

If you didn’t like anything else about this character or this performance, that’s totally fine, but you must admit that Richard Brooks playing Ralph Dibny playing Warden Wolfe was TO. DIE. FOR.


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