DC Week-In-Review: December 14th

There are only two more weeks left in 2012, and we’re making all of them count. Whether it’s in the pages of our comics, with high-stakes storylines like “Death of the Family,” on big and small screens nationwide or even here on DCComics.com, we’re doing what we can to wrap up the year in fine fan fashion. Why, just this week we saw the Joker square off with Damian Wayne in the pages of Batman and Robin, a brand new Man of Steel trailer hit movie theaters and the web, Arrow take some truly dramatic twists and the unveiling of the first moment in our 2012 Hall of Fame.

DC Week-In-Review: November 9th

There are big weeks, and then there are astronomical ones, and this week is without a doubt in the latter camp. After all, while our stories are frequently set among the stars—especially if you’re a Green Lantern reader—we don’t often spotlight people who build their careers studying and teaching people about stars. However, that’s precisely what we did this week. We also introduced three new ongoing comics that will be coming soon to DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and made a major announcement concerning where you can read our comics digitally.


DC Week-In-Review: November 2nd

So…you come down from that Halloween sugar rush yet? Well, if you have at least you have a nice long weekend ahead of you to recover and read some of those extra-sized annuals that came out Wednesday. Actually, it felt like this entire week was extra-sized with everything that was happening around here on DCComics.com. Super-Villains Month, Halloween, Justice League Kias… Let’s discuss a few highlights for people who might have missed out.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


DC Week-In-Review: October 19th

Maybe it’s because we’re still coming down from Comic-Con, but this week seemed to pass by in a New York minute. Or maybe it’s because we’re having so much fun figuring out ways to spotlight some of our favorite DC super-villains. You’ve probably noticed our new skin. So what do you think? Those pencils are by the amazing Ryan Sook, and you can look for his inks and colors to show up over the days ahead. As for what other fun villainy goodness we’ll be rolling out this month, you’ll just have to stay tuned.


DC Week-In-Review: October 12th

Yes, we’re currently in New York providing our informative, innovative and downright inspirational Con Away From Con coverage. Yet, busy as we are and as amazing as this convention has been (is that guy over there wearing a Vibe costume?), we couldn’t possibly let a week like this pass us by without reviewing it. Not when we have a major publishing event, a major TV show debut and a major comic book convention all hit in the exact same week. Heck, we need to review this bad boy just so we know it wasn’t all a dream. So, let’s recap, shall we?


DC Week-In-Review: October 5th

It’s October, the month where we like to dress up a little strangely, frighten our friends and family members and enjoy being just a little bad. In other words, it’s the perfect month for super-villains, and they’ve certainly been making their presence known around here on DCComics.com. We’ve heard rumblings of evil schemes, sinister plots and um…a personality quiz. But it’s an EEEEVIL personality quiz!


Okay, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, and super-villains or not, that’s just plain rude. Let’s get to this week’s review!



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