DC Week-In-Review: September 28th

It’s Friday morning, and you know what that means if you’re a DC fan…


Okay, yes, it means that tomorrow morning a new episode of DC Nation will be debuting. But you know what it means besides that, right?


Yes, yes, it means the week’s new comics are now in stores. And that the premiere of Arrow is less than two weeks away. And yes, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and download. You’re right, Friday means all of those things, but you do know what else it means, don’t you?


DC Week-In-Review: September 14th

Any week that starts off with a couple of awards and wraps up with a bunch of brand new announcements is a pretty good week in our eyes. Especially when the rest of the days are spent reading new eye-opening zero issues. And that’s to say nothing about the brand new DC animated feature on the horizon (that just so happens to be based on one of the most acclaimed, beloved and widely read graphic novels in history) and the brand new TV show set to make its debut next month that’s based on one of DC’s classic characters.


DC Week-In-Review: September 7th

Zero = nothing. That’s what they teach us in school, right? If you have zero of something, you don’t have a whole lot of it. So then why was the first week of Zero Month positively brimming with new features, exclusives, giveaways and overall DC coolness? Well, whatever the reason, when it comes to bringing you fun stuff and keeping you informed on what’s happening here at DC, we’re more than happy to prove our old grade school math teacher wrong.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


DC Week-In-Review: August 31st

We’re heading into Labor Day weekend, and you’d expect us to be firing up the grill, putting the sodas on ice and toasting to the end of another awesome summer. But no, there’s not much of that going on around the DC office today. Why? Well, we’re all still reeling a bit from this week. Talk about around the clock excitement!

DC Week-In-Review: August 24th

Seriously, what happened to summer? It feels like last week we were making plans for Memorial Day, talking about how Comic-Con was just around the corner and speculating on what characters Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard would be playing in The Dark Knight Rises. Now, all three of those events are in the rearview mirror, and here we are looking forward to going back to school, dressing up for Halloween and watching our DVRs fill up again (and just when we’d managed to get through everything on them from last season!).

DC Week-In-Review: August 17th

It’s always a big week when monthly solicits come out, and this one was no exception. With huge storylines in the works like “Death of the Family” and “Rise of the Third Army,” there’s a lot to anticipate in the months ahead. Of course, there’s a lot to celebrate right now too, including a full slate of Digital First comics, a growing roster of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 trade collections and the super-powered hilarity of the ROBOT CHICKEN DC COMICS SPECIAL.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


DC Week-In-Review: August 10th

Behind every great moment in every great book—whether it’s a character beat that really just nails it, a perfectly choreographed fight scene or a huge, epic-scaled action blowout with entire galaxies on the line—there is a team of equally great creators pulling all of the strings. We love spotlighting our talented creators here on DCComics.com. We broke a lot of great news on the site this week, and much of it concerned guest artists and creative teams, and we couldn’t be happier.

DC Week-In-Review: July 6th

Comic-Con may still be a week away, but the announcements have already started flying here on DCComics.com. Scott Snyder’s not joking around with his next Batman storyline, Geoff Johns and Doug Manke are raising a Third Army and Batwoman’s teaming up with Wonder Woman for a storyline that’s sure to have some legs (at least judging by its centipede-themed cover). And that just covers Monday and Tuesday. Yes, it was a huge Independence Day week where cool reveals were exploding like fireworks, and we’re guessing more than a few people were left standing up in awe before it was done.

DC Week-In-Review: June 29th

So, let’s see, this week DC fans were talking about Dark Knight Rises, Masters of the Universe, the Nook, Batman and Robin…and an ad campaign? Well, yes, and considering the ad campaign is about San Diego Comic-Con, it’s perfectly understandable. Everyone’s excited about Comic-Con, even us, which is why we decided to count down the days leading up to the big show here on the site. We began by debuting our new SDCC print advertisements, but that’s just the start. Look for more fun SDCC-related stuff in the days ahead, as well as an unprecedented level of coverage over Comic-Con weekend.


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