DC Week-In-Review: April 13

It’s been a week of conventions, collectibles and this thing called The Culling here on DCComics.com. And while you should keep an eye on the website all weekend long for exclusive C2E2 CON AWAY FROM CON coverage, there was plenty of news to break before we even left for Chicago. Let’s take a look at some of it, shall we?


Here’s what happened on the DC Comics website this week…


DC Week-In-Review: April 6

If only every week could have such a “super” start. We started last weekend by unveiling the new MAN OF STEEL logo, which quickly gathered thousands of likes and comments on Facebook. After that, we continued to soar high with some amazing cover reveals and a close look at the new Swamp Thing before wrapping up the week by announcing—and celebrating—our 15 Eisner Award Nominations!


Here’s what went down on the DC Comics website this week…


DC Week-In-Review: March 30

We started off this week by proudly celebrating diversity in comics as BATWOMAN was honored by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community before announcing our plans for the LA Times Festival of Books and this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon. But this week will likely go down in DC history as the week that everyone was dialing H.


Here’s what went down on the DC Comics website this week…


DC Week-In-Review: March 23

While we finished the weekend getting rained on at WonderCon, the outlook was bright this week on DCComics.com with a glimpse of the very edgy looking ARROW and the news about the upcoming BATMAN LIVE.


Here’s some of the DC news we broke this week…


Who says Gotham isn’t a real city? BATMAN LIVE promises to take us all there when it comes to North America in September.


DC Week-In-Review: March 16

We’re not claiming to be Guardians over here, but we’re pretty sure there’s a cosmic law stating that any week beginning and ending with BEFORE WATCHMEN news is going to be a good one. And this week was very good here at DCComics.com. We announced the release dates for the first four issues of Before Watchmen, broke down a couple of “wonderful” pages from BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED, and debuted an exclusive image from SUPERMAN VS. THE ELITE, our latest full-length animated feature. And all of this was before the start of WonderCon on Friday.



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