5.2 Reasons to Witness Superman: Unbound

On Tuesday, May 7, Superman: Unbound flies into stores, fully ready for upload into your brains via your eyeballs. Based on the SUPERMAN: BRAINIAC graphic novel by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the movie is the latest in the line of DC Universe Animated Original Movies, following the critically acclaimed Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and Part 2, Justice League: Doom, Wonder Woman and more.

5.2 Reasons We're Excited for Injustice

We’ve all be there. Discussing our favorite super heroes with our friend (let’s randomly say, oh, Jimmy) and suddenly the conversation turns to who would win a fight. Not between us and Jimmy (obviously, that’d be us—what now, Jimmy?!) but in match-ups between Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman and SHAZAM!, the Flash and Green Lantern. The debate rages, and even though Jimmy is clearly wrong because he’s a big, stupid, jerkface, you never come to an agreement.

5.2 Reasons to Donate to the We Can Be Heroes Campaign

Real talk, guys.

Last year, DC Entertainment launched the We Can Be Heroes campaign, dedicated to raising $2 million dollars over the course of two years in order to aid the 8 million lives affected by the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.

We are thrilled to say that we met that goal in the first year alone—all thanks to the amazing generosity of the creative community and fans like you. So, a big, heart-felt “Thank you” to everyone who has already donated and helped to improve the lives of millions of starving men, women and children.

5.2 Reasons We Love the Multiverse

The idea of what could have been always intrigues. It’s literally the basis of fictional storytelling. Those magic words: what if?

What if a stranger visitor from another world came to Earth and our yellow sun granted him amazing abilities far beyond that of normal man? What if a young boy with unlimited funds and resources saw his parents gunned down in front of him and began a never-ending quest for justice? What if a dying alien gifted a young pilot with the most powerful weapon in the galaxy?

5.2 Reasons it's the Right Time to Dig the Batman TV Series

Welcome back, Bat-fans to another installment of the weekly DCComics.com feature 5.2 Reasons. When we last saw this column, it focused on the heroes of another world. The riddle now becomes…what to write about this time?


Hm, time... time is money. Money... can be spent. Spent on services... and goods. Goods give you an easier life... life is a journey, an incredible journey. HomeWard bound... Travel. When you travel, you need directions... north, south, east, West...


5.2 Reasons to Join the DC Comics Fan Family

If you’ve visited DCComics.com this week, you’ve likely seen a few posts about how much we appreciate our fans. But today, there's one specific group of fans we’d like to talk to: parents. So, everyone else can get the heck out! Nah, we’re kidding. You can stay. After all, you might one day start a family of your own. Or you may already know some little ones you can “accidently” leave some comics and toys with to help convert, we mean, train, er... groom, nope... cultivate? Yeah, cultivate their love of comics.

5.2 Reasons the Bat-Books Wrecked Us

Please ignore the raggedness and puffy eyes. It’s... it’s been a rough 24 hours following the events of yesterday’s BATMAN INCORPORATED #8. For those of you who missed it, we suggest you check it out immediately. We’ll wait right here.


Back? Cool. Here are some tissues and ice cream, and yes, that is REM’s “Everybody Hurts” playing in the background.



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