SDCC Survival Tip #3: Set Up a Strategy

This is it. One more day until the official start of Comic-Con. As you read this, thousands of comic book professionals and fans the world over are boarding flights heading in to San Diego. They’re locking down signing schedules and confirming dinner reservations. Why? Well, if you’ve been to Comic-Con before, you know preparation is key. And the heart of preparing for Comic-Con is to have some sort of strategy.


SDCC Survival Tip #1: Getting Around

Comic-Con is now only three days away (or two if you count preview night), and as survivors of many SDCCs past, we thought we’d help prepare those of you who are going for the first time by putting together a few Comic-Con Survival Tips. Comic-Con can be loads of fun and an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, but it can also be overwhelming and many people spend an entire day just getting acclimated to the sheer scope of the show.


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