5.2 Reasons We’re Addicted to Our Super-Heroines

BATGIRL #14 hit comic shops this week, and reading that issue reminded us of exactly how strong Barbara Gordon is—both in the physical sense (we'd last about three seconds doing what she does, as that's probably how long it would take for us to fall over and curl into the fetal position) and in the sense of being just a fantastic, all-around-amazing example of a great, well-written female character.


5.2 Reasons to Fill Your Homes with DC Collectibles


Being a nerdy, pop-culture obsessed person comes with certain proclivities—quoting famous movies ("SWEAR TO ME!"), keeping up with the latest comic book, entertainment and video game news on the Interwebs (Catwoman joins INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US!), arguing about who would beat who in a fight (Vibe, always), and collecting a whole lot of sweet, sweet tchotchkes.


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