Caption This!: A Super Thanksgiving

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Caption This!, our monthly contest of captions and collectibles. We’re nearing the holiday season, and soon we’ll be decking the halls, drinking the eggnog and trying to convince Santa we’ve been good this year. (No, we weren’t playing rugby with that new Batman Black & White prototype! It broke on its own, we promise!)

Caption This!: Batman: Arkham City Series 4 Nightwing

February may be a short month, but if you think that means we’ll be shorting YOU this month by skipping Caption This!, never fear. We’re here with a new DC Collectibles image screaming for a crazily clever caption to brighten our Wednesday afternoon.


Caption This!: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Action Figure

Just like a certain Dark Knight, Caption This has returned! We’ve emerged from our month-long “retirement” and are back with a great new photo. Will you rise to the challenge with an equally inspired caption for it? Does the Batmobile fire rubber bullets? (No, seriously. Does it? We’ve never been able to tell if Batman was being serious there…)


Keeping the parks of Gotham free of crime and corruption is a big part of Batman’s nightly duty. But in the day, he prefers another activity. Looks like the bat signal isn’t the only thing you’ll be spotting in the skies of Gotham…

Caption This!: New 52 Superman Action Figure

Yes, DC Collectibles fans, it’s your favorite day of the month again. The day we post another fun photo featuring a recent collectible and encourage you to post the best caption imaginable beneath it. The most brilliant, poetic or illuminating caption. A caption that will make the rest of the world stand up and say, “My goodness! So this is why the Internet was created! So that this line of text that somehow perfectly encapsulates what’s going on in this photo can be written!”


Or that makes us a laugh a little.


Caption This!: John Stewart and Atrocitus Action Figure 2-Pack

We’re back with a new and extra exciting edition of Caption This! It’s October, so we’re getting into the costume-clad spirit by featuring the stars of the DC Comics Super-Heroes NYCC Exclusive Action Figure 2-Pack in a Halloween scene. But it’s all of you who will be the life of the party here. What’s going on with John Stewart and Atrocitus in this shot? And who the heck invited Larfleeze?



Caption This! The Joker Black and White

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If a picture alone is worth a thousand words, then what about a caption? Truly great captions speak volumes in just a few, perfectly chosen words. Writing captions is a talent. A skill. In fact, it may just be the last truly unsung artform.


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