This Just Happened: The Joker Recruits The Riddler

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read BATMAN #15 and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!)


From the creative team of co-writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV and artist Jock, “Red Light, Green Light” serves as more than just the back-up story to BATMAN #15. It also marks the return of one of the most infamous members of Batman’s rogue gallery: The Riddler!



This winter, The Joker is on the loose and is seeking revenge against the Bat-family in the horrifying “Death of the Family.” And this time around, his vendetta is personal.


Next week sees the release of NIGHTWING #15, which is the first issue of the series to be an official tie-in to this acclaimed crossover event. But while issue #15 sees Dick Grayson facing The Joker, the impact of “Death of the Family” will change the course of NIGHTWING forever in issue #16.


DETECTIVE COMICS Joins “Death of the Family”

This winter, The Joker is on the loose and is seeking revenge against the Bat-family in the acclaimed comic book event, “Death of the Family.”


Fans have already seen the beginning of this crossover’s impact on series such as BATMAN, BATGIRL, CATWOMAN, and SUICIDE SQUAD. This week, another title will feel the consequences of the Clown Prince of Crime’s bloody return to Gotham City: DETECTIVE COMICS #15.


DC Week-In-Review: October 12th

Yes, we’re currently in New York providing our informative, innovative and downright inspirational Con Away From Con coverage. Yet, busy as we are and as amazing as this convention has been (is that guy over there wearing a Vibe costume?), we couldn’t possibly let a week like this pass us by without reviewing it. Not when we have a major publishing event, a major TV show debut and a major comic book convention all hit in the exact same week. Heck, we need to review this bad boy just so we know it wasn’t all a dream. So, let’s recap, shall we?


COMIC BOOK RESOURCES Exclusively Debuts “Death of the Family” Die-Cut Covers

Today marks the first day of October, which means that the summer months are officially over and fall is in full swing. It means it’s time to start getting ready to dress up for Halloween, stock up on candy corn and sip pumpkin lattes. But in Gotham City, October means one thing: the return of The Joker.



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