Survival Tip #3: Money, Money, Mooooney... MONNNEY!

There is a lot of really, really cool swag at conventions. From toys to statues to comic books and graphic novels to replica weapons like the Sword of Omens (we have seen this and it is awesome!). Shopping at conventions can be a lot of fun, but what's not as fun is only having a credit card handy, running out of cash, or waiting in lines at the ATM.


NYCC Survival Tip #2: Careful Cosplaying

By "careful cosplaying" we don't mean watching out for other cosplayers dressed as your archenemy that you'll then have to do battle with (although totally be aware of that—you will have to fight your archenemy). What we mean is that while razzling and dazzling the crowd at the con with your kickass costume, keep note of these few things:


NYCC Survival Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Sometimes it's a lot of fun to fly by the seat of your pants. We certainly understand the temptation of wanting to jump into the deep end of New York Comic Con and go with the flow. But trust us, when it comes to NYCC, it's important to know exactly how deep that end can get.


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