5.2 Reasons to Delve into DC Comics Digital First

There's a new age upon us: an age of technology. An age where computers and tablets and smartphones have allowed us to advance as a species further than we could ever imagine. Seriously, we can take pictures of our food and share them with the world. We can tell people EXACTLY what we're doing. We can even make short six-second videos of anything we want—no matter how unnecessary or completely insane it may seem.

Exclusive Preview of BATMAN: LI’L GOTHAM #8

“Tropical Get Away!” sets Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle on a high-seas adventure when they only planned on some surf and sun. A band of pirates sink the Bat-Yacht and the vacationing Bat and Cat find themselves stuck between Captain Greenbeard and an ocean full of sharks! But which is more dangerous on the open ocean?

Then, Hawk and Dove get invited to a hangout that’s for the Birds in “Bird Watching!” With the Bat away from the nest, it’s up to all the ex-Robins to protect Gotham City. Who’s behind the recent jewel heists? Can Damian sort things out before his feathers get ruffled?

Exclusive Preview of BATMAN: LI’L GOTHAM #3

It’s Valentine’s Day in Gotham and the city’s most eligible bachelor is … the Joker!? When the Clown Prince of Crime spills one of Poison Ivy’s love potions on himself he becomes the object of affection for every woman in Gotham. From Catwoman and Talia to Zatana and Harley Quinn, the Joker’s on the run for his life … or at least on the run from love!


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