What’s New In The New 52: Shun The Untouchable

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Readers of KATANA know that Shun the Untouchable’s tattoos reveal the history (and future!) of The Outsiders. Since the launch of the series, Katana has been paying Shun to learn about this elusive group. And as one might imagine, Shun’s backstory is as rich as it is complex.

Exclusive Preview of KATANA #4

After being trapped inside Katana’s sword for years, The Creeper has finally been set free and is on a ruthless mission to stop anyone who can trap him back inside this weapon that killed him years ago. Desperate to exact his revenge, he finds a body to ride – Jack Ryder’s. But can Katana protect her soultaker from The Creeper before he completely destroys her greatest weapon?

Ann Nocenti Talks KATANA #1

Next month, a DC Comics heroine will step into the spotlight in her own all-new ongoing solo series. Spinning out of the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and BIRDS OF PREY, KATANA comes to you from the creative team of Ann Nocenti and artist Alex Sanchez. But who is this elusive former assassin and why does she believe that the soul of her deceased husband is trapped in her sword?


MTV Announces New Justice League of America Books for February

Back in August, we told you that in 2013, we’d be launching JUSTICE OF LEAGUE AMERICA from the superstar creative team of Geoff Johns and artist David Finch. Today, we’re pleased to tell you that the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA news only starts there.

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