Exclusive Preview of DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #18

This week in DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS, writer Joe Keatinge and artist Federico Dallocchio continue to spotlight everyone’s favorite Outlaws by putting Starfire center stage in her own solo adventure!

In “Without Honor or Humanity,” Starfire travels to a far off planet to liberate a group of imprisoned villagers. But will they be willing to accept her help? Or will Koriand’r cause more problems than she could ever imagine?  

Starfire Takes Center Stage in DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #18

Fans of DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS have already seen characters such as Deadman, The Challengers of the Unknown, Vandal Savage, Kid Flash, and Black Lightning and Blue Devil take center stage in this anthology-style series. Today, we’re pleased to announce that following issue #17’s focus on Arsenal, issue #18 will put another RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS character in the spotlight: Starfire!


A special one-shot from DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #17 writer Joe Keatinge and fan-favorite artist Federico Dallocchio, DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #18 will land in stores on March 20.


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