Exclusive Preview: SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? #57

The Scooby Gang heads to Lake Havasu in record-breaking heat for a little rest and relaxation! But when they get there, the tourists have all been scared off by a Bridge Ghost with a strange way of speaking – in Old English rhyming riddles!

Luckily, Navajo Windfeather shows up to give the kids at Detective, Inc. a history lesson about Lake Havasu and the famous London Bridge. Is there a clue to who’s driving away tourists somewhere on the bridge? Take a look at the gallery above for a preview of what’s to come!  


The Scooby Team is back! And they’re facing myths and legends – come to life!

In “Annunaki? Scooby-Dooby!”, the gang finds themselves lost in Chillicothe Territory after taking an unexpected Midwestern detour. They make the best of it by visiting sites left by a prehistoric North American culture known as the Mound Builders. But have the legendary Annunaki made a return appearance, or is someone looking for the secrets of the mound for themselves?

Exclusive Preview of LOONEY TUNES #214

LOONEY TUNES #214 is a triple-header of wacky duck adventure!  

In “The Great Houducky,” a high-stakes tale of escape and adventure, Daffy crosses paths with legendary Harry Houdini and transforms himself into the Great Houducky! Taking the stage in chains and weights and locking himself in a towering box, it’s up to the Great Houducky to escape with all his feathers intact.  Or will it be up to trusty sidekick Porky Pig to break him out in time?

Exclusive Preview of LOONEY TUNES #213

Sylvester turns to a 'Management Training Consultant' to help him in his perpetual quest to catch Tweety Bird. But can Sylvester survive this training guru's unorthodox techniques long enough to achieve his goal? Meanwhile, Daffy Duck launches a media empire based on…falling down stairs? Will the Daffy Dive stand the test of time or is it destined to crumble just as Porky Pig predicts? Finally, it's Agent...Double-O-Fudd? Elmer Fudd tries to follow in the footsteps of his hero, James Bomb, with a little help from Bugs Bunny.

Exclusive Preview of SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? #29

When actors start to disappear from a movie shoot, Mystery Inc. joins the cast to crack the case from the inside! Can the gang figure it out before the producers pull the plug? Plus, be sure not to miss a bonus back-up story where the gang is called in to help J.Z. Bang, a teen secret agent! Will their mission be a failure? Or will Mystery Inc. prove that they’re super spy material?!


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