6 Superman/Batman Team Ups Worthy of the Award of Awesome

The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. They're two of the most well-known, popular, and instantly recognizable super heroes in all of fiction. They both strive to uphold justice. They both take on dangerous criminals and super-powered madmen. They both serve on the legendary Justice League. Separately, they're two of the world's greatest super heroes. Together, they're the World's Finest.

5.2 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day with DC Entertainment

Every year on February 14, the world gets high on love—breathing in deeply that sweet, rosy and chocolately Valentine’s Day smell that hangs over couples like a storm cloud filled to the brim with candied hearts and rainbows. Love, that many splendored thing, is all around us. You can feel it in your brain. You can feel it in your heart. And you can certainly feel it in your wallet. ::dun dun chh::


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