DC All Access: Which Super Heroes Are the Most Dateable?

In this week’s new episode of “DC All Access,” DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza discusses balancing action with romance in the new ongoing Superman/Wonder Woman comic. It got us thinking, while Superman and Wonder Woman are both strong, interesting and positive people who are undeniably easy on the eyes, are they the most dateable super heroes in the DC Universe?

Who are DC Comics' Most Dateable Super Heroes?

They’re strong, intelligent, good-natured and kind. They believe in helping others and they possess a strong desire to always do what’s right. They’re well traveled, and have been exposed to a variety of cultures and ways of life—some of them extraterrestrial!


When you really think about it, super heroes are some of the most eligible singles out there. But which one rules the roost? If you could date a DC super hero, which one would it be? We’re giving fans a chance to choose DC’s most dateable male and female super hero in a special Valentine’s Day poll.



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