Superman: American Alien: ComicPOP Discusses Issue #2

By now, we’re hoping you’ve had a chance to check out and subscribe to our new DC Fans YouTube channel. We’re also hoping you’ve been reading SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN, the compellingly different new Superman series by screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle, Victor Frankenstein). But if not, our friends over at ComicPOP are here to make a good case for both.

DC Collectibles Reaches a New Milestone

“Faster than a speeding bullet,” may be the Man of Steel’s thing, but it could also be used to describe the speed at which we hit our newest Facebook milestone. As we mentioned here last week, we recently surpassed 100,000 likes on the DC Collectibles Facebook page. You know what that means, right? Well, when we reached 10,000 Facebook fans, we knew we were doing okay. That’s a cool little club of devoted fans. With 50,000… Well, that’s more than just a crowd, right? But 100,000 Facebook fans… That’s a full on party.

Batman and Superman: Millions of Fans Strong

People have been talking about Batman and Superman a lot lately, but we’d like to call attention to one recent bit of news that’s likely gone unnoticed by most fans. Which is a shame because it never could have happened without all of you!

A few weeks ago, Superman slipped past the 5 million mark on his official Facebook page. Then, just last week, Batman’s Facebook page hit the 10 million fan mark. That’s a whole lot of likes!

Countdown to Comic-Con: For Your Viewing Pleasure...

If you’re already familiar with our Con Away From Con convention coverage, you know that our exclusive videos featuring DC Comics talent and fans are always a big part of it. Some of these are official announcements—such as Neil Gaiman’s announcement last year that he’d be returning to the world of Sandman for a brand new miniseries. However, many more of these are exclusive “5.2 Question” interviews, “DC University” videos or Con Away From Con moments that you won’t see anywhere else.

Super Weekend, Super Fans…

It’s been a great weekend for Superman, and an even better one for Superman fans, who came out en masse to catch their favorite hero’s latest cinematic foray, Man of Steel. By now, it’s safe to say that Henry Cavill’s debut in the cape is a big success, and that’s something we can all celebrate—those of us who work here at DC Comics and our amazing fans.

Superman Shirts, Toys, Books...and Snuggies?!!

If we know anything from hanging out with the DC Collectibles crew, it’s that collectors like to show off their collections. So a couple of weeks ago, we asked you to send us photos of your Superman collections using the hashtag #SuperStuff. And as always, you didn’t disappoint. Both with the photos and with the collections. I mean, seriously, where did you find some of this stuff? Is that actually a Superman Snuggie? (Yes. Yes, it is. And it is awesome.)


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