DC's Legends of Tomorrow: First Look at the New Poster

We’re all still reeling over here from the amazing DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer that debuted last week. (Seriously, did you know you could sprain your jaw from letting it drop? We didn’t.) However, that was just the start of the Legends awesomeness, it seems, as today we got a first look at the new poster. Check it out!

The Flash: A City Full of Clues

Two weeks ago, The CW released an intriguing new promotional poster for The Flash, their speed-driven new series based on the popular DC Comics character. The poster shows Grant Gustin as the Flash, speeding across a Central City street as his trail forms his signature lightning bolt. But what’s really gotten fans buzzing are all of the hidden clues and “Easter Eggs” found within the city.

Win a Trip to the Gotham Premiere Party!

To celebrate the September premiere of Gotham, the new show focusing on the years between the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and the emergence of Batman, FOX is hosting a pair of contests that will send two lucky winners on an all-expense trip to New York to attend the Gotham premiere party. You've always wanted to mix and mingle with Gotham's elite, right?

Man of Steel Takes Flight with a New Poster

The last Man of Steel poster to hit the multiplex grabbed our attention by showing Superman in an unexpected position—handcuffed and being led somewhere by what appear to be soldiers. The most recent, however, shows him doing something we’ve come to associate with the Man of Steel—flying over Metropolis.

However, we haven’t seen him flying quite like this before in any of the previous Superman movies. Fast, frenetic, the world a blur beneath him…

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