The Wild Storm: The Enemy Within Us

After a short hiatus, The Wild Storm is back! Writer Warren Ellis has said there will be 24 issues in total, which would mean that we’re now officially entering the second half. Not that Ellis and artist Jon Davis-Hunt seem to be slowing things down.

The Wild Storm: The Cost of Carelessness

Poor Mitch.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re exactly halfway through The Wild Storm. At least, we are if Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt stick to the 24 issues they originally promised for the series. If we are, then THE WILD STORM #12 is quite an issue to end the first half on.

The Wild Storm: Flirting with Annihilation

As people, we’ve always had a complex relationship with destruction. It’s easier to destroy than to create, but what’s often overlooked is that destruction is often the more satisfying of the two as well. Human history is written in blood and accompanied by a soundtrack of battle cries, gunshots and explosions.

The only problem with this is that after thousands of years of practice, we’ve gotten way too good at it.

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