Dress Like a Super Hero...Minus the Cape

After over a year of discussion, speculation and edge-of-your-seat anticipation, Man of Steel is finally in theaters. For Superman fans, this is a pretty big deal. So you might want to dress for the occasion…

Fortunately, the fine folks at Old Navy are making this easy with their cool collection of Superman tees.  After 75 years of heroics, Superman fans are as diverse as they come, but no matter your taste, style or size, they have a shirt that’ll be the perfect fit for you. Even better, these super tees start at just $8.

Kryptonian Couture: Bringing Some Swagger to Superman

We’ve heard it before. Superman isn’t the hero for you because he’s too “clean cut.” You like edgy heroes. The sort of super heroes who wear dark, extreme costumes and use tactics that often enter the realm of questionable. We get it, and we have plenty of super heroes like that. However, we think you may have the wrong idea about the Man of Steel. While he’s heroic and inspirational, that doesn’t mean he lacks an edge. At least when it comes to some of his merchandise.

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