Exclusive Preview of BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED #18

The Bookbinder is taking Gotham City hostage!

On the heels of Jack Tanner’s death, The Bookbinder finds a new way to set Gotham on edge. Is the food supply contaminated? Has the Bookbinder tampered with the meat coming into Gotham City? What’s this crook’s agenda?

Meanwhile, a food inspector is forced to admit that he’s taken bribes – but how bad is the beef in the local Giga-Burger? As businesses panic, Batman races to discover the Bookbinder’s true identity before it’s too late.


An incredible new storyline begins revealing the chaos that gave birth to Arkham City! A mysterious new villain known only as the Bookbinder has arrived in Gotham. Just as a wave of street crime has engulfed the city, one of Gotham’s most high-profile judges goes missing! Will Batman and Jim Gordon be able to find one the city’s brightest stars while they work to protect its streets?

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